Pampered Chef Cookware

A Pampered Chef cookware set will enhance the home cook's kitchen. Crafted for professionals yet designed around the domestic kitchen environment, any products from this wonderfully robust range will certainly cut the mustard when it comes to modern home accesseories.

You can choose from silicon bakeware to pots and pans, kitchen utensils and gadgets, as well as recipe books, lines and so much more.

A top quality pan or two will no doubt bring out the professional cook in most of us and there's nothing quite so nice as homebaked breads, cookies and cakes.

One of the great benefits of Pampered Chef cookware is the fact that the company keep a keen eye on environmental issues and prefer to be a responsible organzation with regard to their long term impact on the local and global environment.

That's a wonderful aspect of the companies products ... not only will you have professional modern cookware and bakeware to hand - every time you purchase something from the Pampered Chef cookware range you can be rest assured that you've bought something that's also environmenatlly friendly!

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Grapefruit Spoons

Now who needs a set of new grapefruit spoons? They're useful modern home accessories, more so for those that love nothing better than a wonderfully sweet grapefruit on a morning.

There are various different types and all can be adapted to use with any type of citrus fruits:
  • grapefruits
  • limes
  • kiwi fruit
  • oranges
  • lemons
There are a few accompanying kitchen utensils that go alongside grapefruit spoons, one of which will be a grapefruit knife, the other being a segment tool - making it even easier to enjoy these succulent fruits.

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